MIrA 234: Hereford, Cathedral Library, O.III.2

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LocationHereford, Cathedral Library
MIrA number234


No. of folios205
Page height (mm)248
Page width (mm)193
ScriptCaroline minuscule
ContentsJerome, De viris illustribus; Decretum Gelasianum; Gennadius, De viris illustribus; Isidore, De viris illustribus; Augustine Retractationes; Cassiodorus, Institutiones (book 1); Isidore, Prohemia, extracts from De ecclesiasticis officiis, De ortu et obitu sanctorum patrum, Allegoriae


DatingIX 3/4 (851–875)
ProvenanceCanterbury (c. 1100)


Bischoff, Katalog1523


Bischoff: Irish exemplar? Mynors (ed.), Cassiodori Senatoris Institutiones (Oxford, 1937), pp XV–XVI: Irish abbreviations for autem and per sometimes taken over, sometimes wrongly interpreted. Two embedded Irish glosses misunderstood: sitipio (sc. stibio): id est o dub dabrom (John Fraser: ó dub da bró); fenus: id est amthi (cf. Sg. 11b19 l: foenus: aithi).
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