Cantuaria, Durrovernum

Associated manuscripts

3 manuscripts.
City Library Shelfmark/section Contents Script Dating Origin Categories Images
CambridgeCorpus Christi College, Parker Library144Corpus GlossaryInsular minusculeVIII (or IX?)EnglandV Link to images availableEmbedded IIIF images available
HerefordCathedral LibraryO.III.2Jerome, De viris illustribus; Decretum Gelasianum; Gennadius, De viris illustribus; Isidore, De viris illustribus; Augustine Retractationes; Cassiodorus, Institutiones (book 1); Isidore, Prohemia, extracts from De ecclesiasticis officiis, De ortu et obitu sanctorum patrum, AllegoriaeCaroline minusculeIX 3/4France?Ex V
LondonLambeth Palace Library1370 (MacDurnan’s Gospels)New TestamentIX²Ireland (Armagh?)Or V Link to images available

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Manuscript libraries

Manuscript dates (approx.)

5006007008009000123451 MSS1 MSS1 MSS

Page sizes

Data available for 2 manuscripts (66% of this list). Height range: 158–248 mm (average 203 mm). Width range: 111–193 mm (average 152 mm).
Heights charted below (with red line for average). Click on a bar to view manuscript.



Data available for 1 manuscript (33% of this list). Range of folio numbers: 205–205 (average 205).
Charted below (with red line for average). Click on a bar to view manuscript.

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