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3 manuscripts.    
City Library Shelfmark/section Contents Script Dating Origin Categories Images
DüsseldorfUniversitäts- und LandesbibliothekK1: B.212
+ 2 other units
Lathcen, Ecloga Gregorii Magni Moralium in Iob (17); Philippus Presbyter, Expositio in IobIrish minusculeVIIIIrelandOr S
LaonBibliothèque municipale50Lathcen, Ecloga Gregorii Moralium in IobEarly Caroline minusculeVIII–IXN FranceEx Sb T
ViennaÖsterreichische NationalbibliothekLat. 921Lathcen, Ecloga ex Gregorii Magni Moralibus in IobCaroline minusculeIX med (time of Bishop Liuphram)SalzburgEx T

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Manuscript dates (approx.)

5006007008009000123451 MSS1 MSS1 MSS

Page sizes

Data available for 2 manuscripts (66% of this list).
Height range: 300–330 mm (average 315 mm). Width range: 230–235 mm (average 232 mm).
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Folio count

Data available for 3 manuscripts (100% of this list). Range of folio numbers: 3–250 (average 146).
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