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Latin: Laudunum (Lao-, Lo-; Laudunensis urbs, Lugdunum clavatum)

Part of region: France

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The data may be viewed on a variety of maps (selected by clicking on the icon at the top right). The only historical map currently available is the Digital Atlas of the Roman Empire. I hope to add other historical maps if they become available.

Places are grouped by modern rather than historical regions, partly because of the fluidity of historical boundaries and partly because modern regions are often used for manuscript localisations by Lowe and Bischoff. Regions are indicated on the map by larger, lighter circles.

15 manuscripts.    
City Library Shelfmark/section Contents Script Dating Origin Categories Images
LaonBibliothèque municipale38Jerome, Commentarii in Prophetas minores (Ioel, Mi, Na, Hab)Caroline minusculeIX 2/4prob. N FranceSb
LaonBibliothèque municipale92 (ff 1–164)Bede, In Marci evangelium expositio, De locis sanctis; Adamnán, De locis sanctisCaroline minusculeIXReims circleSb
LaonBibliothèque municipale265Gesta Salvatoris; Pseudo-Augustine, De fide sanctae trinitatis; etc.; Fulgentius, De trinitate; Homiliae; etc.Caroline minusculeIX 1/3 & 2/3Saint-Amand & NE FranceSb
LaonBibliothèque municipale273Poetae christiani (Alcimus Avitus, etc.); Wigbodus, De Octateucho.Caroline minusculeIX 3/4prob. NE FranceSb
LaonBibliothèque municipale298Origen, Homiliae in librum NumerorumCaroline minusculeIX 1/3Saint-AmandSb
LaonBibliothèque municipale299 (ff 2–137)Origen, Homiliae in libros Regum, Isaie, Hieremiae, HiezechielisCaroline minusculeIX 1/4Saint-AmandSb
LaonBibliothèque municipale319Taio, SententiaeCaroline minusculeIX 1/4Saint-AmandSb
LaonBibliothèque municipale444Glossary, grammatica, poetryIX 3/4LaonS Sb V Link to images available
LaonBibliothèque municipale447Isidore, EtymologiaeIX 2/4MainzSb V Link to images available
LaonBibliothèque municipale464Aldhelm, De metrisCaroline minusculeIX 2/3NE FranceSb
LaonBibliothèque municipale468 (ff 1–61)Commentarii in Virgilium, Sedulium artesque liberalesCaroline minusculeIX 3/4LaonSb Ex Link to images available
LaonBibliothèque municipale469Venantius FortunatusCaroline minusculeIX 2/4NE FranceSb
ParisBibliothèque nationale de FranceLat. 2024Pseudo-Augustine; Isidore; Hrabanus Maurus; Martinus Dumiensis; Fulgentius Ferrandus; Ambrosius Autpertus; Alcuinpost 875NE France (Laon?)Sb Link to images availableEmbedded IIIF images available
St Paul im LavanttalArchiv des BenediktinerstiftsCod. 86b/1 (Reichenauer Schulheft) Vitae Virgilii; Ambrose , Hexameron (extracts); Old Irish poems; scholia on the Aeneid; astronomical table; Greek paradigms; Greek–Latin glossaries; etc. Irish minuscule840sNE France (Laon? Soissons?)S V Link to images available
Vatican CityBiblioteca Apostolica VaticanaReg. Lat. 215OT glossaryContinental hand876/7Limousin? Tours? Laon?V Link to images availableEmbedded IIIF images available

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Manuscript dates (approx.)

50060070080090002468108 MSS3 MSS4 MSS

Page sizes

Data available for 14 manuscripts (93% of this list).
Height range: 225–345 mm (average 268 mm). Width range: 118–248 mm (average 196 mm).
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Folio count

Data available for 14 manuscripts (93% of this list). Range of folio numbers: 8–318 (average 148).
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