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Latin: Bobbium

Part of region: Italy

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The data may be viewed on a variety of maps (selected by clicking on the icon at the top right). The only historical map currently available is the Digital Atlas of the Roman Empire. I hope to add other historical maps if they become available.

Places are grouped by modern rather than historical regions, partly because of the fluidity of historical boundaries and partly because modern regions are often used for manuscript localisations by Lowe and Bischoff. Regions are indicated on the map by larger, lighter circles.

46 manuscripts.    
City Library Shelfmark/section Contents Script Dating Origin Categories Images
CologneHistorisches ArchivGB Kasten B 148 + 148aCaesarius Arelatensis, Homiliae (94, 102, fragm.)Irish majusculeVII–VIIIIreland (or Bobbio?)Or S
MilanBiblioteca AmbrosianaA 138 sup.Priscian (frag.)Irish minusculeIXBobbio? Ireland?Or S V
MilanBiblioteca AmbrosianaC 26 sup.Basilius Caesariensis, Regula (imperf.)Irish majuscule verging on minusculeVII exprob. BobbioS
MilanBiblioteca AmbrosianaC 73 inf. [palimpsest new]Eugippius, Excerpta ex Operibus AugustiniUncialVIIIBobbioS
MilanBiblioteca AmbrosianaC 243 inf.Glossarium alphabeticum magnumCaroline minusculeIX 3/3BobbioEx Embedded IIIF images available
MilanBiblioteca AmbrosianaC 301 inf. (Milan glosses)Theodorus Mopsuestenus, Commentarii in PsalmosIrish minusculeVIII–IXIreland (Bangor? Leinster?)Or S Sb V
MilanBiblioteca AmbrosianaD 10 sup. (front flyleaves)Gospels (Vulgata, Mt 17.4–9, 19.4–12)Irish majusculeVIIIprob. BobbioS Embedded IIIF images available
MilanBiblioteca AmbrosianaD 23 sup. (Bobbio Orosius)Orosius, Chronicon (imperf.)Irish majusculeVIIBobbioS Embedded IIIF images available
MilanBiblioteca AmbrosianaD 268 inf.Ambrose , De Spiritu SanctoCursive minusculeVIIIBobbio
MilanBiblioteca AmbrosianaD 547 inf.Augustine, Enarrationes in PsalmosIX 3/4BobbioS
MilanBiblioteca AmbrosianaF 60 sup. (ff 1–46, 58–77)Excerpta ex PatribusIrish minusculeVIIIIrelandOr S V
MilanBiblioteca AmbrosianaF 60 sup. (ff 47–49, 55–57, 58) [palimpsest new]Excerpta ex PatribusIrish minusculeVIII exBobbioS
MilanBiblioteca AmbrosianaF 60 sup. (ff 50, 52–54)Ambrose , Expositio in Evangelium IohannisIrish minusculeVIII exBobbioS
MilanBiblioteca AmbrosianaF 60 sup. (fol. 51)Glossarium (fragm.)Irish minusculeVIII exBobbioS
MilanBiblioteca AmbrosianaG 82 sup. (Studemunt) [palimpsest new]Old Testament (Vulgata, 1 Sm 13.14–4 Rg 23.25)Half-UncialVI²Origin uncertainS
MilanBiblioteca AmbrosianaG 82 sup. (pp 209–210, 375–376, 385–386, 449–452, 461–462, 471–474) [palimpsest new]Old Testament (Vulgata, 1–2 Sm, 3–4 Rg)Uncial, Half-Uncial, Irish majusculeVII²BobbioS
MilanBiblioteca AmbrosianaI 61 sup. [palimpsest new]Gospels (Vulgata, Mt, Mc, Lc, Io, Act)Irish majusculeVII²prob. BobbioS
MilanBiblioteca AmbrosianaL 22 sup. (Ars Ambrosiana)Ars AmbrosianaIX 3/4Bobbio or N ItalyV
MilanBiblioteca AmbrosianaL 22 sup. (ff 146, 147)
+ 2 other units
Computus; CalculusIrish minusculeVIII–IX vel IX¹IrelandOr S V
MilanBiblioteca AmbrosianaL 99 sup. [palimpsest new]Isidore, Etymologiae (1–10)North Italian Pre-Caroline minusculeVIII²BobbioS
MilanBiblioteca AmbrosianaO 212 sup.Gennadius, De Ecclesiastis Dogmatibus; Fides Bachiarii; Fides ‘Quicumque Vult’; Fides ‘Hieronymi’Irish majuscule verging on minusculeVII exBobbioS
MilanBiblioteca AmbrosianaS.P. II 97 (ff A, B) [palimpsest new]
+ 1 other unit
Jerome, EpistulaeIrish and cursive minusculeVIIIBobbioS
MilanBiblioteca AmbrosianaS 45 sup. [palimpsest new]Jerome, Commentarii in IsaiamHalf-Uncial verging on minusculeVII (ante 622)BobbioS
MunichBayerische StaatsbibliothekClm 6235Anonymi Scoti Commentarius in epistulas Pauli; Pseudo-Jerome, In IV evangeliaIX 3/4N Italy (Bobbio?)T V Ex Link to images availableEmbedded IIIF images available
MunichBayerische StaatsbibliothekClm 6415 (ff 1–45)Donatus OrtigraphusIX 2/4N. Italy (Bobbio? Monza?)V Link to images availableEmbedded IIIF images available
NancyBibliothèque municipale317 (356)Grammatici Latini; Virgilius Maro; computus fragmentIrish minusculeIX 1/4Bobbio (Ireland?)Or S V
NaplesBiblioteca NazionaleIV.A.8 (ff 1–39) [palimpsest new]Charisius, Ars Grammatica; Servus, De Centum MetrisIrish minusculeVIIIBobbioS V
NaplesBiblioteca NazionaleLat. 2 (biff 57 & 70; 58 & 69; 59 & 68; 61 & 66) [palimpsest new]Grammatica et Patristica VariaIrish minusculeVIIIBobbioS V
NaplesBiblioteca NazionaleLat. 2 (ff 76–111, 140–156, 159)Probus, De Catholicis, De Prosodia ad Marcellum; Charisius, Ars Grammatica; ExcerptaQuarter-UncialVItaly; additions in BobbioS
NaplesBiblioteca NazionaleLat. 2 (ff 112–139)
+ 2 other units
Claudius Sacerdos, Artes Grammaticae; Probus, De CatholicisQuarter-UnialVItaly; additions in BobbioS
NaplesBiblioteca NazionaleLat. 2 (ff 157–158)Excerpta ex MacrobioIrish minusculeVIIIBobbioS
NaplesBiblioteca NazionaleLat. 2 [palimpsest new]Jerome et Gennadius, De Viris Illustribus; Augustine, EpistulaeIrish minusculeVIIIBobbioS
PalermoArchivio di StatoCodice BasileIordanes, Getica (preface, 1.1–45.236)Irish minusculeVIII²BobbioS
St GallStiftsbibliothek1346Columbanus, Instructiones, EpistulaeModern handc. 1611St GallEx Link to images availableEmbedded IIIF images available
St GallStiftsbibliothek1399 a 1Isidore, Etymologiae (11.1.43–46, 51–53)Irish cursive minusculeVIIIrish centre (poss. Bobbio)S
TurinBiblioteca NazionaleA.II.2 [lost]Iulius Valerius, Historia Alexandri Magni; Rutilius Namatianus, De Reditu Suo (2)Cursive minusculeVIII inN Italy (prob. Bobbio)S
TurinBiblioteca NazionaleA.II.2* (ff 3–112) [palimpsest new] [lost]Augustine, Collatio cum Maximo, Contra MaximinumHalf-Uncial and Irish majusculeVIIBobbioS
TurinBiblioteca NazionaleA.II.2* (fol. 113) [lost]Cyprianus, De Opere et Eleemosynis (4–5)Cursive minusculeVIII inBobbioS
TurinBiblioteca NazionaleF.IV.1, fasc. 5 + 6Theodorus Mopsuestenus, In Psalmos (fragm.)Irish minusculeVIII–IXBobbioS
TurinBiblioteca NazionaleF.IV.1, fasc. 7Pseudo-Jerome, Commentarii in Marcum (1.1–6, 14.52–15.21)Irish minusculeVIII–IXIrelandOr S V
TurinBiblioteca NazionaleF.IV.1, fasc. 9Antiphonarium CelticumInsular majusculeVIII inIrelandOr S V
TurinBiblioteca NazionaleF.IV.24 (fol. 93) [palimpsest old]Catholic Epistles (1 Pt, 2 Pt 1–13)Irish minusculeVIIIIrelandOr S V
TurinBiblioteca NazionaleF.VI.2, fasc. 4Liber questionum in evangeliis (frag.)IX?BobbioV
TurinBiblioteca NazionaleG.V.37Cyprianus, De Opere et Eleemosynis, De Sacramento CalicisUncialVS
Vatican CityBiblioteca Apostolica VaticanaLat. 5750 [palimpsest new]
+ 1 other unit
Acta Synodi I ChalcedonensisHalf-UncialVIIBobbioS Link to images availableEmbedded IIIF images available
Vatican CityBiblioteca Apostolica VaticanaLat. 13501/XXIV (ff 44–45)Fragment on month namesIrish minusculeIXNE France (Soissons?)? Ireland?S V Link to images availableEmbedded IIIF images available

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Manuscript libraries

The size of each data point is proportional to the number of manuscripts represented.

Manuscript dates (approx.)

50060070080090002468104 MSS6 MSS5 MSS10 MSS2 MSS5 MSS3 MSS5 MSS1 MSS1 MSS

Page sizes

Data available for 8 manuscripts (17% of this list).
Height range: 170–340 mm (average 214 mm). Width range: 115–255 mm (average 160 mm).
Heights charted below (with red line for average). Click on a bar to view manuscript.


Folio count

Data available for 11 manuscripts (23% of this list). Range of folio numbers: 1–308 (average 74).
Charted below (with red line for average). Click on a bar to view manuscript.


Network graph

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