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12 manuscripts.    
City Library Shelfmark/section Contents Script Dating Origin Categories Images
NaplesBiblioteca NazionaleLat. 2 (ff 112–139)
+ 2 other units
Claudius Sacerdos, Artes Grammaticae; Probus, De CatholicisQuarter-UnialVItaly; additions in BobbioS
TurinBiblioteca NazionaleA.II.2 [lost]Iulius Valerius, Historia Alexandri Magni; Rutilius Namatianus, De Reditu Suo (2)Cursive minusculeVIII inN Italy (prob. Bobbio)S
TurinBiblioteca NazionaleA.II.2* (ff 3–112) [palimpsest new] [lost]Augustine, Collatio cum Maximo, Contra MaximinumHalf-Uncial and Irish majusculeVIIBobbioS
TurinBiblioteca NazionaleA.II.2* (fol. 113) [lost]Cyprianus, De Opere et Eleemosynis (4–5)Cursive minusculeVIII inBobbioS
TurinBiblioteca NazionaleF.III.16 (ff 176–181)
+ 1 other unit
?IXIrish on Continent?
TurinBiblioteca NazionaleF.IV.1, fasc. 5 + 6Theodorus Mopsuestenus, In Psalmos (fragm.)Irish minusculeVIII–IXBobbioS
TurinBiblioteca NazionaleF.IV.1, fasc. 7Pseudo-Jerome, Commentarii in Marcum (1.1–6, 14.52–15.21)Irish minusculeVIII–IXIrelandOr S V
TurinBiblioteca NazionaleF.IV.1, fasc. 9Antiphonarium CelticumInsular majusculeVIII inIrelandOr S V
TurinBiblioteca NazionaleF.IV.14 (binding) [palimpsest old] + F.IV.16 (binding) [palimpsest old] + F.VI.2 Fasc. 8 [palimpsest old] + G.V.2 (ff 139, 167–170) [palimpsest old] + O.IV.20 [palimpsest old]Gospels (Mt, Mc, Lc, Io) (fragm.)Irish majusculeVIIIIrelandOr S
TurinBiblioteca NazionaleF.IV.24 (fol. 93) [palimpsest old]Catholic Epistles (1 Pt, 2 Pt 1–13)Irish minusculeVIIIIrelandOr S V
TurinBiblioteca NazionaleF.VI.2, fasc. 4Liber questionum in evangeliis (frag.)IX?BobbioV
TurinBiblioteca NazionaleG.V.37Cyprianus, De Opere et Eleemosynis, De Sacramento CalicisUncialVS

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