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2 manuscripts.
City Library Shelfmark/section Contents Script Dating Origin Categories Images
Cambridge, Mass.Harvard University, Houghton LibraryTyp. 613 (20688) (ff 1–8)
+ 4 other units
Isidore, Etymologiae (1, 11, fragm.), Interrogationes et Responsiones (fragm.); Arnobius Iunior, Opus Incertum(?), Expositio in Evangelia, Computus; Caesarius Arelatensis, Homiliae (fragm.)Irish majusculeVIII–IXIrish centreS Link to images availableEmbedded IIIF images available
DüsseldorfUniversitäts- und LandesbibliothekK1: B.212
+ 2 other units
Lathcen, Ecloga Gregorii Magni Moralium in Iob (17); Philippus Presbyter, Expositio in IobIrish minusculeVIIIIrelandOr S

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Data available for 1 manuscript (50% of this list). Height range: 205–205 mm (average 205 mm). Width range: 140–140 mm (average 140 mm).
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Data available for 2 manuscripts (100% of this list). Range of folio numbers: 3–34 (average 18).
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