MIrA 176: Bern, Burgerbibliothek, 363

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LocationBern, Burgerbibliothek
MIrA number176


Page height (mm)238
Page width (mm)195
ScriptIrish minuscule
ContentsDioscorides; Servius (Ecl., Geo., Aen to 7.16); Chirius Fortunatus; Augustine on dialectic and rhetoric; Horace (Odes, Epodes, Carmen Saeculare, Ars Poetica, Satires to 3.134); extracts from Ovid, Metamorphoses; Bede, History; Priscian, De laude Anastasii imperatoris; poems


DatingIX med (840–860)
OriginN Italy (Milan?)? Strasbourg? St Gall?


Bischoff, Katalog585
Bronner, Verzeichnisp. 3
Thesaurus Palaeohibernicus2.235


Old Irish glosses. Written by Caunchobrach, Fergus, Domhnach and Suadbar; dedicated to Colgu. Several other Irish names in margins.
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